U call this an apeseotomy?

I thought I had found the best job ever. This fantastic job involved greeting customers and checking bags at Guitar Center. The interview was going smashingly with the bald man at the Sheridan (this is a brand new guitar center, so long privetly owned music stores within a 30 mile radius) I had showered and was totally on my A game. He goes over the description and blah blah blah but then says "The pay is $6.00 an hour."

A look of utter abhorrence must have splashed across my face becuase he said "Is this the deal breaker?"

And I tried to back track but then realized this face I had just made probably wasn't going to get me the job anyway. I took this next paragraph as my chance to tell corporate america to go fuck themselves. "You want people to do a good job?" I said. "You want them to take pride in their work? How much pride does a person derive from a position that pays 6.00 bucks an hour? I know I get lots of self worth from being impoverished "

So yeah I don't think I got the job. Even though after 90 days you got shit at cost plus freight. Damn I need a Gibson LP Junior. However, I did get a job with the state of Illinois this gem started at 20,000, yep you heard me 5 grand above the poverty line. I turned that piece of shit down too.