i don't know why makebelieve band names are so easy to come up with whilst the real ones are so very hard. i'm putting it to the blog vote for the three readers...suggestions, we're dying over here. Olivia Newton John Stamos however I laugh everytime I have to say it. The Duchess of Oven 2 campy?...so really the only thing that is not a blatent attempt to be idiodic is Rochelle, Rochelle.

Then all the songs can be about Frank Costanza. I would listen to Jerry Stiller talk all fucking day. I NEED THOSE CABANA CLOTHES! *The Raincoats*

And I have been meaning to blog about that Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding Seinfeld. If I wasn't so dehydrated all the time, cuz water tastes like nothing, I may have wet myself. Somehow I missed the The Stand-In w/Bette Midler. After seeing it a week ago with Peter; I knew I was somehow a little more complete.

Is it wrong that most of my life is spent in my fantasy head recalling Seinfeld episodes? Then laughing in public when there is no outward signs as to why this outburst occured. I believe this may be a new mental condition. And I shall coin it, Seinfeldrum.

On top of recalling the Seinfeld episodes; the affliction also involves constantly obsessing over why the show was called Seinfeld when he was the shittiest character/performer outta the entire cast. So then then the Seinfeldrum causes me to over think the band name....once you got the name you're stuck with it and that's a lot of pressure. Even if its overly shitty you still gotta keep it. well at least until you *break up*, only to reform a week later minus one member. This has happened to both Ezmerelda and I. Very sad. Very sad indeed.


At 11:52 AM, Blogger smart kitty said...

I have yet to get my band, Sexy Grandma, beyond the point of drinking beer and talking about how one of us should learn an instrument. Kudos to you!

I'm afraid "Olivia Newton John Stamos" would be one of those band names that tricked people on the marquee and then made them so disappointed they hated you for no reason ... like a band called "Free Beer." You see a sign that says "Olivia Newton John Stamos" and think "Sweet! Those two rock! I hope they do a medley of songs from 'Grease' and Beach Boys songs from the 'Kokomo' era." And then there's no free beer.


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