Another inspirational Oprah episode

Another happy hour.


I'm Conrad Jenkins, who the hell are you?

i awoke this morning to Conrad Jenkins pelting me with circus peanuts; I don't even enjoy marshmellow derived candy. Then we went to an underpriveledged neighborhood and donated several bags of mildewed pantalooms and a sherlock homes pipe to an aging 1st grader. That kid loves to smoke...and he looked damn cool doin it.


The Shady Duplex

I was climbing on the kitchen counter tops yesterday looking for some f'n food; mostly just sugar but i'm not concerned with details. At 5'2 this sort of display is not out of the ordinary. While tightroping past the sink, I looked on top of one of the cabinets and found some Zig-Zags and a Western Union reciept for $87.00. Oh but this isn't the first time I've found things by standing on top of household items. At a previous house I found some Black Cats while standing on top of my washer. So far I think that's solid profit of $3.00.