Fuck the adulation, I want the medal

I deleted my blog after concluding it was taking up too much "creative energy" and I had also become convinced that someone from the Fox Network was reading it and stealing my bits. (I may have some ego issues). BUT, I recieved a frantic call from my sister, stating my non-existent ramblings were Blog of the week in the Riverfront times. Thus, a slim chance that my defunct blog could possibly gain some extra readers (maybe seven). These imaginary readers will probably never comment on anything I say, unless it's anorexics or the pro-life syndicate, who I've offended.

However, I will repost the blog I just deleted all because I recieved a miniscule nod of approval and I am very self-absorbed.


At 5:27 PM, Blogger marie curie said...

we're really moving up in the world now. and they said we were losers with no chance of making it past the mailroom. suckas

At 11:51 PM, Blogger NJBoss said...

Blog of the week? Should I ask for your autograph? All I get are lame comments on myspace blog. I am about to start writing a script for a feature film. I will send you the first couple of pages and you can add some zingers to it.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Clemy but call me Erin said...

what is it about? A new jersey asshole who once threw licked gummybears on a kid whose wheelchair he just stole?


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