Think the illuminati w/o all the world domination

I'm trying to get my secret society formed but am kind of at a loss of what a secret society does after you have the hand shake and initiation down. My secret society is going to do a lot of double dutching and coupon clipping. Anyway here's the ad that is going to run for one week only in the Belleville News Democrat (the worst source for news in the entire world) after the secret society application is up and running...( I do need some questions to weed out all the uberlosers)

Finally, a secret scoiety that everyone knows about and we are now recruiting like minded semi-apathetic individuals willing to partake in thrilling(might be a stretch) and irreverent displays of indifference. REGISTERED VOTERS, YUPPIES, RACISTS, AND VANITY PLATE HOLDERS NEED NOT APPLY.

Refreshments will include Ovaltene and pimento loaf (bread not included)

First meeting will involve practicing the secret handshake and learning how to roller derby.


Suggestions welcome and appreciated.


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