The Jehova's witnesses are stalking me.

The Jehova's witnesses are stalking me.

I accidental answered the door on one occasion and an nearly dead woman was there. I was, of course, nice because who can be really mean to super old people? I took her Watchtower and Awake magazines and smiled and nodded. I thought briefly of setting up a camera the following weekend and inviting her in. However, this woman is so old and nice there is no way I could pull it off. Then two weeks later grandma comes back, this time referring to me by name. Then she's talking about the end of the world and then it was no longer amusing just irritating.

Now it has turned sinister, Maxine has started showing up with a whole troop of youth filled lackeys. Now it's three of them. They pull up in their Buick every Sunday after the kingdom hall lets out. Now I spend my Sunday making sure all the blinds are closed and telling everyone not to answer the door.

In closing, I'm on to you manipulative Jehovah's Witnesses, sending in the elderly as your first line of attack. OH but you won't turn me on to a life without birthdays cuz I already bartered my soul away at the flee market for a 83'Brook Shields doll....insert evil menacing laugh.


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