Husker du, more like Husker don't

I'm layin off the skank. Eunice called yesterday, I was to drowsy and we just kept talking in circles. I commented how someone was on the other line. We proceeded to talk for another 3 minutes about whether that call showed up on my caller ID. I decided I really didn't care if it did or didn't show up because I was lying down and wasn't going to get up anyway. Eunice thought it would be a good thing to know. So after about 4 minutes I thought that other call probably wasn't there anymore and we were faux rushing the conversation for no reason at this point. Then Eunice had two of my friends confused thinking one was the other and you get the idea. So one friend owns and operates a motorcycle and the other one is like 6 inches too short to put her feet down. Eunice thought she was cruising the highways and byways on her hog at a whopping 5'1. I asked Eunice how that played in her head and she said "Peculiar".


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