Shove it up your own ass

Stevie left for Flight attendant training yesterday, so I had to go out and meet him for drinks. While I was waiting for Stevie, I thought maybe I should ponder our relationship but the only thing that kept popping into my head was his ass douching debacle.

Stevie had decided one night that he might see some action, so in preparation for his first bottom experience he decided to blow a whole bottle of Massengill up his own ass. He said the immediate feeling was that of a horrid stomach cramp and he instantly doubled over in pain. He must have started moaning cuz then his father started pounding on the door yelling "What the hell are you doing in there?"Stevie's ass had locked shut and he just sat there all cramped up, waiting for his father to go away. Then after a few moments, his father really didn't care anymore and then Stevie unloaded the douche in the one explosive second.

So Stevie shows up and I bring up the douche story because it was all I was thinking about. Stevie was surprised I still remembered it but said he now avoids the dreaded Hershey kiss by a "clean up" prior to sexual contact. Which I think "clean up" is like a ladies whore bath where you just get the hot spots.


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