Are you there god? It's me Clemy.

Ezmerelda was hosting a weight watchers meeting over at her house the other day. The weight watcher gang consists of her mom and her moms overweight friends. Anyway, whilst mingling one of the women goes into this horrible coughing fit and then proceeds to sit quietly for the duration of the meeting.SOOO the meeting ends and everyone gets up to leave but this women still is sitting there. She leans over to Ezmerlda and says "Sorry, Hun I went into that coughing fit and peed on your couch a little." Ezmerlda is all fine about it thinking it's going to be no more than a little spot. BUT then the women gets up and it's a piss stain the size of a cantaloupe.... So then I went over to Ezmerelda's and sat on the floor.


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