I am not a malicious woman and I will strike down anyone who says different

why is PBS nothing like the BBC? The concept seems similair.

The BBC released Nighty Night in NTSC and this is the best thing to happen all year besides my upcoming summer carny gig. BUY NIGHTY NIGHT RIGHT NOW. If anyone doesn't think this is the dopest, sickest, and most hilarious shit they ever witnessed, I'll kick my ownself in the teeth.

I loaned mine to MC and am now waiting to get it back, that f'n pantywaste. BUT I could have a Nighty Night party if anyone wants to come and watch it in a group setting. I will not provide nacho chips or any type of casserole at this make believe function. I will however, provide sufficient amounts of toilet paper and nonstop dialog that goes something like this "Wait watch this part!" and "Shh listen."


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Clemy but call me Erin said...

and yes I know this is on Oxygen. I don't even think I get the channel. F Oprah and her GD Air.

At 12:20 AM, Blogger marie curie said...

I am ordering this show as it is addictive. Thanks Clemy for showing me that someone out there is meaner than I! It gives new meaning to 'reason to live for'. I'll bring the guacamole and tortillas. Also, you should have Oxygen. I think it's channel 60 or 61


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