Cos when the world is over you'll have Christopher Reeve to thank

ME: Wow! That paralyzed hamster can walk!

ME2: Oh it’s important alright. I mean it’s not as if there are humans dying in the thousands from dysentery or anything.

ME: Dysentery? At this very moment?

ME2: Yeah Cholera and what not, it’s diarrhea, a-hole.

ME: I wonder if stem cells can cure that?

ME2: No not stems cells, my idiotic alterego but there may be a cure.

ME: Oh do tell!

ME2: I will! I know this is crazy and it’s kinda a new thing but I call it CLEAN DRINKING WATER.

ME: You’re kidding.

Me2: Would I joke?

Me: No C cuz you got no sense of humor. How much does it cost? More than stem cells?

ME2: NO! I bet we could get copious amounts of drinking water with 3 billion clams.

ME: Probably ubercopious if we got it outta the tap.

ME2: So yeah why don't you tell that hamster to grab his f’n walker and toss a Figi into the basket and start making his way over to Guinea right now.

ME: Wow! It's looks like you agree with GWB.

ME2: Never talk to me again; I got "Baby Killer" sandwich boards to bedazzle.

ME: Fine with me.


At 3:22 AM, Blogger marie curie said...

clean h2o is the shit b!


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