Gotta give it up

Currently, I have stopped buying cigarettes.To nonsmokers this means I quit but to a dedicated smoker like myself this means I am currently smoking 3 ashtrays worth of month old stale cigarette butts. OK So i'm cheating but this has surely decreased my nicotine intake, if you take the fact that any given butt affords you approx. three drags. Well three drags from my personal butts. Peters butts give me about four, whilst MC's give me none, she's wasted tons of space in my ashtray.And now this seems even less healthy. Pilagiging my ashtrays for "whoevers" old cigarette butts are around all so I can just to get my fix. Because not only is it unsanitary but slightly pathetic, ok a lot pathetic. So what the hell am I doing? I need a full sized camel turkish silver, pronto.


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