Don't do it

Let's say hypothetically you were a big 11 year old dork. Let's pretend that you would have a dork friend over and mingle with your 13 year old dork sister. Then lets imagine that you, your sister and your dork friends all decided to do dance routines to the tune of every New Kids on the Block song. I know this is all a stretch, but then lets imagine that after getting the dance routine down, you would then get all snazed up in some fancy duds and perform this dance routine for your astonished parents. Your parents being so amazed not only with your timing, amazing fashion sense, and floored that no one twisted an ankle...decide to take out a camera...

I flatly refuse to pinpoint which one of these hot tickets is myself. Am I in that slammin bolo(Is that what they were called?) Or is it me in that floral number with the hat?


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